A Day in the Life of an Island Inn Guest

Experience a day in the life of a guest at the Island Inn on Sanibel Island. Adventure on-site & later explore all the islands have to offer, post Hurricane Ian. From kayaking in the J.N. ‘Ding’ Darling Wildlife Refuge to souvenir shopping and scrumptious snacks on a sunny Sanibel day, there’s something for everyone in […]

wall street journal article on Island Inn

Wall Street Journal: Florida’s Best Beaches

The Island Inn, Sanibel’s #1 hotel & inn, was named in the Wall Street Journal for Florida’s BEST beaches! We are incredibly proud of this recognition and definitely agree that our 550ft of pristine beachfront checks all the boxes for ‘best beach’; especially for those looking for seashells! Island Inn Noted ‘Best Beach in Florida’ […]

Airplane Flying to Florida | Airplane Flying to Florida | What airport is closest to Sanibel Island and Island Inn?

What airport is closest to Sanibel Island and Island Inn?

If you have recently booked a stay with the Island Inn on Sanibel Island, you probably wonder what airport is closest to Sanibel Island. This is a common question, particularly for guests arriving from outside of Florida. To start, most new guests find our Where is Sanibel Island page helpful. It provides information about the island […]

Woman on vacation in Florida | What is the best travel insurance for Florida beach resorts? | Island Inn

What is the best travel insurance for Florida beach resorts?

The past several years of the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us all that travel plans are never a sure thing. No matter how much we want to enjoy a vacation getaway to a beautiful island, there is no promise that wish will come true. For this reason, more guests than ever before are asking the […]

Dog on Beach | Where to Stay: Pet-Friendly Hotels on Sanibel Island

Where to Stay: Pet-Friendly Hotels on Sanibel Island

While the Island Inn does not accept pets, we are always pleased to refer visitors to Sanibel Island hotels and resorts that are pet-friendly. In fact, you have plenty of options here if you wish to travel with your fur-babies. Let’s explore some of the most popular choices for pet-friendly hotels on Sanibel Island, FL. […]

Sanibel Causeway Park | On my way to Island Inn, will I pay a Sanibel Causeway toll?

On my way to Island Inn, will I pay a Sanibel Causeway toll?

One of the most common questions we hear at the Island Inn Sanibel is, “How much is the toll for the Sanibel Causeway?” Other booking guests ask whether there is a Sanibel Causeway toll discount. Thankfully, the current toll is only a slight fee for easily crossing the bridges and small islands that provide access […]

historic 1950's island inn envelope

Sanibel Family Vacation Tradition: A Historic Guest Story at the Island Inn

Travel back in time with us with this story of a Sanibel Family Vacation Tradition from the 1950’s.

The Perfect Beach is Within Driving Distance

A Guide for Driving to Sanibel Island Sanibel Island is the perfect drive-to destination for people looking for a tropical, secluded beach vacation, without having to deal with the hassle of booking airline flights. Whether you rent a car or drive your own, most folks living in the Southeast, Midwest and Mid Atlantic United States […]

father and son play on sanibel beach

Island Inn Family Vacation Guide on Sanibel Island

NOTICE: Some information on these pages are pre-Hurricane Ian and may not be fully up-to-date. Sanibel Island is a great place to vacation with your family. From shelling on the beach, biking paths, and various guided and boat tours, there are activities and places to visit for families of any size and children of any […]

Sanibel Island Family Activities

There are a great deal of things to do on Sanibel Island when traveling with a family. Activities that appeal to kids of all ages from babies to toddlers to teenagers and beyond. Sanibel Island is a great place to vacation with a family. There are activities and family friendly places to visit for families […]

boy plays in shore on sanibel beach

Ellie and Jared Visit Sanibel

This past May, the Island Inn hosted our friends Ellie and Jared Mecham. Ellie and Jared spent lots of time with their family learning all about Sanibel and all the amazing things to do while vacationing on our beautiful island. We’ve compiled their awesome footage documenting their entire stay from arrival into Matthews Cottage, to […]

How to Choose a Sanibel Island Cottage

There are many cottages on Sanibel Island; your choice says a lot about you and the kind of vacation traveler you are. Ask yourself: Am I happiest when I am among my friends and new acquaintances in a restaurant or night club? Or do I mostly look forward to spending hours under a palm tree – or walking on nature trails by myself? Fortunately, the Island Inn is a convenient choice for both of these approaches to leisure.

A Day in the Life of an Island Inn Guest

I am really looking forward to our first day at Island Inn on Sanibel Island. We arrived last evening just after dark and were tired from our long drive. Boy is it quiet here; don’t know why I woke up. It’s still dark outside and my wife is still asleep. I guess I’m just used to getting up early.

We left the windows open while we slept. I’m glad we did that because I love breathing that beautiful salt air! I can just barely hear the waves sloshing on the shore. It sure is a relaxing sound – maybe I’ll just lay back and listen for a few minutes while I decide what to do next…

Trip Advisor Recognizes Island Inn for Excellent Lodging

Whether you and your family have been coming to Sanibel for years, or if you are just looking for ideas or lodging options, it pays to do your homework. Looking at a map of Southwest Florida, seeing tiny Sanibel curled up just offshore of Fort Myers, you wouldn’t know there are hundreds of lodging choices on the island.

Sanibel Island Hotels

Island Inn offers eleven accommodation styles to choose from including spacious and flexible cottages, suites, rooms and lodges. The variety of choices ensures that, no matter your travel style or preferences, Island Inn has you covered.

sanibel bird watching itinerary preview

Sanibel Bird Watching Ranks Top 10 for Birding Around the World in 2018

Millennials are super into birding now. Here are the best places to go birding around the world: 9. Sanibel Island, Florida, United States Photo: J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge (Official) Sanibel Island is home to 245 bird species, including the bright pink roseate spoonbill which roam the wetlands. The Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge ensures that waders, singers, and peckers […]

Sanibel Beach Reads

Sanibel Beach Read Recommendations

When traveling to Sanibel for a vacation you’re probably thinking you’ll relax, soak up some sun, take walks on the beach and get swept away into the newest bestsellers you don’t normally have time to read! Local Sanibel bookstore, MACINTOSH BOOKS & PAPER has shared their beach read recommendations with us. You’ll want to add these to […]

Are Vacations To Sanibel Island Good For Us Physically?

Many Island Inn guests say that Sanibel Island is just what the doctor ordered. It turns out, that might be more than a figure of speech.
Holiday stress or bitter-cold weather, the negative effects of the winter season can become quite debilitating. The winter weather may already be taking its toll on your body. Here are a few ways to detect the early warning signs and suggestions for overcoming the winter blues.

Is a trip to the beach healthy?

Travelers today are looking for a wide range of adventures. Some even seek out opportunities to push themselves physically, either in organized events or solo “extreme travel” pursuits. Many more simply want to get a little exercise while on vacation, “blow off steam” or develop some new, healthy habits. Should your trip to the beaches of […]

Is a Sanibel Island Vacation Good for You Physically?

Vacation time is a big deal. In our careers, time off is the most important factor we consider, next to wages and medical coverage. We anticipate and count the days to summer vacation, Christmas break, Spring break and the rest of the holidays. The entire hospitality industry, including the Island Inn Sanibel, depends on the […]

How Can A “Type A” Personality Relax On Vacation?

Are vacations relaxing? They’re supposed to be, but are they really?  How many times have you heard people say they are worn out from being on vacation? Although we would like to think we have a magic recipe for relaxation here at The Island Inn on Sanibel, the truth is we see plenty of vacationers […]

Planning Your Sanibel Vacation

Since 1895, people have chosen the Island Inn as their Sanibel retreat. The historic Island Inn beachfront resort has worked hard ever since to make sure the vacation you imagined and looked forward to, turns into a sandy, sunny reality. Let us know how we’re doing!

Choosing a Sanibel Island Resort

Planning a Florida vacation can be a pretty overwhelming task. Gulf or Atlantic coast? Flying or driving? Condo or camper? For many, Sanibel and Captiva Islands are the only choice. But even then, you have a big job ahead of you; how to choose a Sanibel Island resort? Don’t let this process take all the fun out of planning your vacation!

Planning Your Florida Beach Vacation

Are you headed for the beach? A Florida vacation may be just the thing. Any beach will do, right? Well, we’d hate for the secret to get out, but a lot of people think there is no substitute for a Sanibel beach. Arthur Frommer agrees, he rated Sanibel Island as his top vacation destination … in the world!

Sanibel’s Lodging Choices Unique to Island Culture

In many ways, a place like Sanibel Island should not exist. At 33 square miles, it’s the same size as Manhattan and is nestled up to the teeming southwestern Florida coast, but those comparisons fall flat in light of its 6,100-person population. One aspect, lodging on Sanibel, highlights the stark contrast with the rest of the Gulf coast; you simply won’t find high-rise condos or super sized chain hotels here.

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Book Directly with Island Inn and Save 15% on your Bill at Traditions on the Beach!

Make your reservation directly with Island Inn (on our website or by calling 1-800-851-5088) and save 15% on your total bill of $50 or more at our fabulous restaurant – Traditions on the Beach!

Sanibel Island Cottages – Your Gulf Coast Dream Home Come True

The ideal vacation differs from person to person. Some like a thrill, others like to relax. Most of us land somewhere in between that spectrum. When you vacation at Island Inn’s Gulf Front Sanibel Island Cottages you can adjust you vacation as necessary.

Island Inn Sanibel Shoreline

Island Inn: The Best Choice Among Sanibel Island Resorts

You have many choices when deciding where you’ll vacation in South Florida. Those who wish to experience the unique and wonderful mix of southern and island culture know the secret ingredient is Island Inn.