The past several years of the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us all that travel plans are never a sure thing. No matter how much we want to enjoy a vacation getaway to a beautiful island, there is no promise that wish will come true. For this reason, more guests than ever before are asking the Island Inn Sanibel about the best travel insurance for Florida. We cannot make decisions for you about whether you need this type of coverage. However, we can provide some insights to help you decide.

Woman on vacation in Florida | What is the best travel insurance for Florida beach resorts? | Island Inn

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the risks of travel, money you may lose while traveling or the costs of an unexpected trip cancellation. Risks associated with traveling and covered by the best travel insurance for Florida include:

  • Medical costs if you suffer injury or illness before or during your trip
  • Expenses related to lost or stolen luggage
  • Lost money if you need to cancel your trip at the last-minute
  • Costs beyond your credit card’s limited coverage

It is also important to know what even the best travel insurance for Florida will NOT cover. These uncovered expenses can include pre existing conditions, unless you buy a plan that provides a waiver for these costs. If you must cancel your travel due to political unrest, your policy may not cover your losses. You may also run into problems if your tour operator goes bankrupt or otherwise defaults on their services owed to you. It is important to thoroughly review any travel insurance plan before deciding whether trip insurance is worth it.

Best Travel Insurance for Sanibel Island Beach Resorts

What is the best travel insurance for Florida beach resorts? | Island InnFor your Island Inn vacation or other travel to Florida Gulf Coast resorts on the beach, you may want to consider travel insurance coverage. It is certainly easy to find cheap travel insurance for Florida. It usually just takes a quick Internet search. But you need to screen the companies offering this coverage to ensure you get a good deal that will help you recover your losses.

The Island Inn on Sanibel Island does not sell travel insurance policies. For this reason, we cannot make specific brand recommendations. However, we can recommend an article recently published by Forbes Magazine. This linked article provides a list of the best travel insurance for Florida and other vacation destinations.

Talking to your home or auto insurance agent is another option for finding the best travel insurance for Florida. Chances are that your current agent also offers policies like these. If not, they can certainly make recommendations based upon their industry knowledge and experience.

Do I need trip insurance for my Florida beach vacation?

Before travel, many of us have wondered whether we need trip insurance for a Florida beach vacation. More people ask themselves about this today because of the past several years’ pandemic and shutdown inconveniences. Use your own past travel experience and economic needs as a guide. The answer is a highly individualized one that only you can make for yourself. But if you do decide to find the best travel insurance for Florida, do a little research. Always ensure you review the coverage before investing in it.

As explored before, Island Inn reservationists cannot provide help with your search for the best travel insurance for Florida. But we are pleased to help you prepare for your dream vacation on beautiful Sanibel Island. Call our reservationists today at 1-800-851-5088.