One of the most common questions we hear at the Island Inn Sanibel is, “How much is the toll for the Sanibel Causeway?” Other booking guests ask whether there is a Sanibel Causeway toll discount. Thankfully, the current toll is only a slight fee for easily crossing the bridges and small islands that provide access to Island Inn Sanibel Island.

Aerial view of Sanibel Island Causeway | On my way to Island Inn, will I pay a Sanibel Causeway toll?

What is the Sanibel Island Causeway?

Since 1963, the Sanibel Island Causeway has provided automobile access from the Florida mainland to Sanibel Island. This series of bridges connects upon two small, man-made islands created by engineers through dredging. Whether you choose to fly into Fort Myers and rent a car at the airport, drive from other parts of the state or take a taxi service to the Island Inn, this causeway is the final leg of your journey. Part of the crossing is paying the Sanibel Causeway toll.

Most guests enjoy the scenic drive across the causeway. But when asking, “How do you get to Sanibel Island,” or looking up this route on the Internet, few travelers anticipate the true beauty of this road. In fact, visitors to the region have rated the Sanibel Island Causeway at 4.5 stars as an attraction on TripAdvisor.

If you have extra time on your way to the Island Inn on Sanibel, consider exploring Causeway Islands Park on the two islands that support the three bridges to Sanibel. The first island, Island A, is located just beyond where you pay your Sanibel Causeway toll and provides parking spaces and a public beach. There, you can get out of your vehicle to stretch your legs. Island B offers a public beach, picnic tables and restrooms if you want to take in the views of picturesque San Carlos Bay or picnic.

You can enjoy the bay views from inside your car or pull over to walk around. Either way, the Sanibel Island Causeway provides a preview of the incredible natural beauty you are about to enjoy at the historic beachfront Island Inn. For most visitors, the views make the Sanibel Causeway toll worthwhile.

Sanibel Causeway Park | Photo: (c) Can Stock Photo / Smitty411 |  On my way to Sanibel Island, will I pay a Sanibel Causeway toll?

How much is the Sanibel Causeway toll?

The Sanibel Causeway is a major ongoing maintenance project for Lee County. In fact, the islands are currently part of a major shoreline stabilization project. In 2007, bridge renovation ended with the reopening of Bridges A, B and C. This was the first complete renewal project since the causeway opened in the 1960s.

Each of these projects cost millions of dollars on top of annual routine maintenance. This is why Lee County must support the bridges and islands through enforcement of the Sanibel Causeway toll.

The current Sanibel Causeway toll is $6.00 for automobiles and motorcycles traveling from Punta Rassa to the island. This toll is enforced through use of an electronic license plate recognition system on Bridge A, the first bridge. If you have a physical toll transponder in your personal vehicle, that system is automatically charged $6.00. Otherwise, you or the rental car company will receive an invoice in the mail for the full $9.00 toll amount. This covers the $6.00 toll and a $3.00 administration fee. However, there is no fee to park your vehicle, picnic and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and bay views on Island A or B.

How do you get to Sanibel Island and the Island Inn?

Sanibel Island Seashells by Erin Caher | On my way to Island Inn will I pay a Sanibel Causeway toll?Getting to Sanibel Island is part of the overall experience that brings Island Inn guests back year after year. There is just something so exciting about driving across the Sanibel Causeway bridges and seeing the island awaiting you in the distance!

Most Island Inn guests first arrive in Florida at the Southwest Florida Regional Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers. From there, our location is only 27 miles across the causeway. Signs at the airport direct you to Sanibel Island. You then find Daniels Road, drive over US 41 and turn left onto Summerlin Road. Summerlin Road leads directly to the Sanibel Causeway toll plaza.

More complete driving directions are available on our website. Or you can easily use your smartphone’s GPS mapping app. Learn more about the Sanibel Causeway toll on Of course, if you encounter any problems on your way to the inn, you can call us at (239) 472-1561. For Island Inn reservations call 1-800-851-5088.