Construction on major updates to the Sanibel Island shared pathway are nearly complete. Popular with both residents and visitors, the pathway is a great way to explore the Island and get around. It extends across the island east to west and north to south linking popular Sanibel Island attractions. The new updates will further expand upon the existing path making getting around on the island vehicle-less that much easier and appealing.

A large addition to the path will be the Dunlop Road-Periwinkle Way extension. This extension will expand the path in the center of Sanibel Island. The new section of path will link to popular destinations like the Sanibel Historical Museum & Village, BIG Arts, Herb Strauss Schoolhouse Theater, Sanibel Public Library and City Hall.

Another major update will be the the Pine Avenue-Blind Pass Bridge extension. This will connect Sanibel with Captiva and add over 1,000 feet of additional path.

Other changes to the path include more lighting, additional benches,picnic tables and seating areas.

Sanibel Island’s shared pathway is a intricate part of the Island. It provides a environmentally friendly way to get around the island, an inviting and convenient way for residents an visitors to exercise and most of all a way for visitors and residents to explore and connect with the Island.