Where is The Best Place to Stay on Sanibel Island?

What is the best resort on Sanibel? This might seem like a tough question. Choosing the best place to stay for your trip to Florida can feel like a dizzying exercise. Just a quick search on Google of Sanibel Island resorts results in more choices than you want; after all, you’re looking forward to sifting through sand with your toes, not sifting through room rates, features and amenities lists.

Voted Best Place to Stay on Sanibel Island

So, there you are, at your computer, trying to picture yourself staying in each one of the little dots on the map of Sanibel Island. One of the resorts has a large pool with a swim up bar, another has three small pools and two hot tubs. Which will be the best place to stay? One has small rooms with a great view and ok reviews, another has large rooms with no view but great reviews. Will your son-in-law like the exercise room? Will your spouse want to pick the place nearest the bike trail or the beach? And what about the little things, like the towels, the sheets or the bathrooms? It seems petty to worry about it, but the details can make or break the trip – this is supposed to be the best resort on Sanibel, not a campsite!

Choice may be a good thing, but too much choice can be stressful. To limit these feelings of indecision and strain, make a plan. Include a list of the things that are most important in choosing the best place. Decide what is really important about the resorts you’re considering.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • What might the weather be like at this time of year?
  • Do we want to explore Sanibel Island’s history?
  • How important is a view from the room?
  • Is the resort a chain or franchise operation?
  • How important is a unique and exclusive atmosphere?
  • What do guests say about the place after they leave?

One of many beach-view rooms at Island Inn.

For generations, the privately owned and one-of-a-kind Island Inn has stood out as the best among Sanibel Island resorts. Although the buildings themselves have been renewed, updated and freshened regularly since the doors opened in 1895, there is a timeless sense of history and tradition you will only find here. Some hotels and resorts are more grand, indeed, but often have a slightly artificial or “don’t touch” aura about them. Island Inn invites you to sink in and become part of the tradition. It was not designed in some corporate boardroom and rubber-stamped across a hundred beaches; Island Inn is uniquely Sanibel, with its multiple buildings providing a broad selection of lodging styles.

In fact, many guests have made Island Inn their own tradition, returning year after year to experience all that Sanibel Island has to offer. That’s what we mean when we say that Island Inn is the best resort on Sanibel. Like the island itself, the Inn is a special place, with a culture that is both casual and relaxed, but still elegant and sophisticated.

You have many choices when deciding where you’ll vacation in South Florida. Those who wish to experience the best mix of southern and island culture know the secret ingredient is Island Inn.