This past May, the Island Inn hosted our friends Ellie and Jared Mecham. Ellie and Jared spent lots of time with their family learning all about Sanibel and all the amazing things to do while vacationing on our beautiful island. We’ve compiled their awesome footage documenting their entire stay from arrival into Matthews Cottage, to their son learning how to swim in our pool, dolphins swimming along our shore and a bicycle ride down to the Sanibel Lighthouse. Be sure to watch all the videos and see how you can experience Sanibel as well as they did during their stay! Thanks Ellie and Jared and come back soon!!

“Cherished Memories, Modern Comforts, Enjoy It All At the Island Inn”

Paradise Beach Tour

Ellie and Jared share their first day on the island of Sanibel Florida!! They give you a little tour of their house and cottage in paradise! Also, Jared gives a little insight to Ellie and her current state of happiness.”

Real Shark On Beach

On their second day in Florida at the beach, Ellie and Jared had a little encounter with a REAL SHARK! Would you go swimming in the ocean with a shark right next to you? Jackson and Calvin might surprise you. Plus, they see DOLPHINS in the water too! It was an amazing day!

LOOK! We Saw A Crazy DOLPHIN Phenomenon And We Still Don’t Know Why

Ellie and Jared wonder why there are billions of fish at the beach? They woke up and went to the beach and saw everyone staring at the water. Watch as they discover fish, dolphins, sharks, birds EVERYWHERE and no one knows why. It was a strange, crazy event that they don’t think they’ll ever see again.

MOVING TO FLORIDA! … Just Hear Us Out…

After a wonderful day at the beach learning about seashells, Ellie and Jared look at houses to buy in Florida. Would it be crazy for them to move here forever?


Ellie and Jared had such a fun trip to Sanibel! Thanks so much @elliemecham & @jaredmechem!  Click here to book your vacation & make sure to tag @islandinn during your stay!

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