Island Inn Sanibel Spoonbill Cottage

What do you think of when you hear the word “cottage”? You might picture a wood-paneled structure with plank beds, outdoor plumbing and decorated with taxidermy fish. While you might be able find something close to that description on Sanibel, this is not the Island Inn approach to cottages. Our cottages reflect the traditions of Sanibel Island, casual yet elegant since 1895.

There are many cottages to choose from on Sanibel Island, your choice says a lot about you and the kind of vacationer you are. When making your choose ask yourself: Am I happiest when I am among my friends? Or do I look forward to spending hours under a palm tree – or walking on nature trails by myself? Do I want a secluded romantic getaway with my significant other? Fortunately, the Island Inn has the perfect cottages to choose from all of these approaches to leisure.

Our cottages can accommodate small and large groups from a honeymoon to groups of families and friends. Sanibel Island cottages are secluded and can be a great way to share accommodation costs while having a great time.

When choosing a cottage there are several things to take into consideration. If you are planning on cooking, make sure the kitchen comes fully equipped, where you can comfortably make meals as often as you choose to during your stay. Also, pay careful attention to room sizes and floor plan. Ensure the cottage of your choosing has an adequate amount of space for the number of guests staying there. In addition, take a look at the grounds map to check on the great “view” from your cottage isn’t of the restaurant’s dumpster instead of the beach. While looking at the grounds map check out the rest of the grounds, look at lots of pictures to determine if the atmosphere suits you.

Florida is covered in fancy skyscraper condos and tiki huts by the shore, but the authenticity of the Island Inn’s cottages is a rare find. There are seven cottages at the Island Inn, ranging from the roomy one-bedroom Spoonbill Gulf Front Cottages to the Zeeryp Beach House, which is sized to easily accommodate a group of eight and can sleep up to 12. The Gulf of Mexico is only a few dozen paces from your cottage door, through the property’s sandy courtyard. Like Sanibel itself, the Island Inn has avoided over-development through the decades. Our cottages especially reflect this philosophy – sporting a sophisticated but casual style.

Island Inn Sanibel Beach Front Cottages

Choosing a cottage for your next vacation should be a pleasure, not a chore. Let us know how the Island Inn can help you decide!