Learn about The Island Inn by reading Eric Taubert’s awesome write up in The Southwest Florida Barometer and by watching the included video blog(below):

Established in 1895 by Sanibel Pioneers, the Matthews Family, the Island Inn’s Gulf-front location is rooted firmly in the storied history of this celebrated barrier island…even as passing time continues to gift modern functionality and amenities towards the overall guest experience.

The Island Inn has aged slowly and gracefully. The clientele and number of buildings on the property expanded as Sanibel grew its premier and unspoiled vacation destination reputation. In the 1950’s, after generations of passing Island Inn management through the family, the Matthews eventually decided to transfer ownership to the shareholders through a sale structured to preserve the historic uniqueness of the Inn. These shareholders were longtime guests and local friends of the Matthews family, and they held the reigns tightly, upholding the vision and reverence originally responsible for the enduring culture of this cherished landmark.

For fifty years, the Island Inn functioned almost like a private club, generally catering to the shareholders and their immediate circles. It wasn’t until the early years of the new millennium when the multi-generational visitor base noticeably dwindled, necessitating a change in course for the now-historic property. Evolving vacation practices and the burgeoning competition for Sanibel tourism dollars found the Sanibel Inn finally opening the doors to its exclusive paradise for all to enjoy.

The need for additional sophistication became apparent as the Island Inn found itself missing a visible online marketing footprint, years into the Internet era. A new perspective, with fresh marketing and management acumen was brought on board in 2010, in the form of Chris Davison, current Vice President of Operations at the Island Inn. Chris worked with the existing team to breathe new life and style into the aging Inn, restoring it to its rightful place among the top tier of Sanibel lodging options. The blending of contemporary business strategies with the Inn’s unmistakable assets has proven a match made in heaven…on earth…Sanibel, that is.

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