On May 17 & 18th the Island Inn sponsored a group of 4th grade students from Tice Elementary School in Fort Myers, FL for the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum ‘Adopt-A-Class’ Program. For the first time with the program, the students were brought to the Island Inn’s beach for a beach walk! The students were able to have a personal experience on the beach along side Ambassadors form the Shell Museum, helping to expand on their morning spent at the museum.

Tice Elementary Adopt A ClassTice Elementary Adopt A Class    Tice Elementary Adopt A Class

The Adopt-A-Class program has four stations students rotate through at the Museum, including Educational Arts & Crafts, Live Touch Tank Demo & Experience, “Hands-On” Science, and a VIP Tour of the Museum’s Exhibits. As the students have been learning about Florida’s ecosystem and shells with their curriculum, this program gives them a chance to translate what they’ve been discussing in the classroom to real-world applications.

We hope the students gained a new appreciation for mollusks and the vital role they play in our ecosystem, both locally and globally.  We encourage these bright 4th graders to be stewards of the environment and will continue to support programs that gain appreciation for the natural wonder and abundance of Sanibel Island and Lee County!