Looking at a map of Sanibel Island accommodations presents a dilemma: how to choose?  Even though Sanibel residents have carefully controlled and limited development on the island, you still have dozens of options to consider. Making the best choice for you can come down to a single attribute, or there could be many factors that are important to you.

To make matters more confusing, you’ll find that each beachfront hotel, resort, cottage and rental unit makes bold and rosy claims about their fantastic view, linens, pool, service, etc.  How reliable is this? Pictures are helpful, but they tell only part of the story.  Guest reviews may be the most direct way of judging the quality of a place, but you may be hesitant to depend on the opinions of anonymous strangers. In the end, faced with too many similar-sounding options, it’s possible to give up and choose your Sanibel Island accommodations based on simple specifications: room capacity and price.

A Leisurely Tradition

Fortunately, there are a few ready truths that can help you select the optimal spot for your vacation – the first being tradition. For well over a century, Sanibel has drawn visitors who see the island as a getaway from everyday life. In those early days, a culture was born that might now be called “old Florida.” Sanibel Island and its early accommodations were the embodiment of that culture. In the late 1800s, Victorian social norms cut across all social classes and dictated a much more formal style of interaction than we are used to today. Letting your guard down, loosening the collar and relaxing was serious business – not enjoyed every day. Island Inn, the oldest continuous accommodations on Sanibel Island, opened its doors in 1895 when the island was still practically a secret and leisure time was highly prized and relished. Although accessing a beach in southwest Florida is a lot simpler now than it was in 1895, the casual but elegant feeling of “old Florida” is nowhere more evident than at Island Inn. Here, we still see fun as a great privilege and our guests as adventurers!

Being the first has its advantages. Early settlers always choose the prime site for themselves and Island Inn occupies some of the most beautiful real estate on a beautiful island. From the resort’s wide, gently sloping beach on the broadest portion of Sanibel Island, to the perfect angle of sunsets and natural setting, Island Inn defines the Sanibel Island experience.

Island Inn celebrates its past, but it definitely does not live there. Come to Sanibel Island and you’ll experience fully updated accommodations, modern conveniences and facilities. The difference is in the approach. While many resorts offer impressive architecture and the latest trends in décor and gilded luxury, Island Inn prefers a timeless, elegant approach. Over the decades, we’ve learned that this vacation is not about us – it’s about you.