Fall certainly has a different feel when you’re on a tropical island. The leaves don’t change, the sun only sets 30 minutes earlier and the temperature may drop a mere 10 or 15 degrees.

Regardless of weather or color, fall in Southwest Florida still brings a season of change and with it, many reasons to celebrate.

Residents and visitors begin returning to the islands and, although this has been a very busy summer, we’re looking forward to seeing our old friends. Thanksgiving is less than a month away and we’ll be hosting many guests for the holiday.

Traditions on the Beach, which is our award-winning restaurant, bar and lounge, will be offering a traditional holiday spread with everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

The holiday season has always been a special time here at the Island Inn. With the beachfront property beautifully decorated and the fireplace crackling in the lounge, you can be sure to find cherished memories to go along side your holiday cheer.

For those of you who’ve made plans to visit us in the next two months, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival. And for those who have not made their travel arrangements yet, be sure not to delay. We only have so much sunshine, seashells and holiday cheer to go around!

We hope to see all of you soon and that your fall festivities are filled with reasons to celebrate!

Best Wishes,

Chris Davison
General Manager